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Books 24x7 Alternative Access: Home

Access for Books 24x7

Use these instructions if you have trouble accessing Books 24x7.

  • First, make sure you are not logged into the MSOE VPN Global Protect.
  • Login to the MSOE Proxy Server using your MSOE username and password.
  • Select the link for Books24x7 from the list of databases.

Additional Help

If you've logged into MSOE's Single Sign-On (SSO) page, and if you've successfully accessed another database from off campus before trying to access Books24x7, you may also need to clear the cache on your browser and close it and then re-open it – or open a completely different browser.

If you continue having trouble accessing Books24x7, please contact us.

You can reach us by:

  • Stopping by the main desk
  • Calling 414-277-7180
  • Sending an email to