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AE/CV 1001: Finding Books

Print Book Collection

Our print book collection provides information for in-depth understanding of a topic. Because of the turn-around time for publishing and the volume of information provided in the format, books tend to be produced more slowly than their article counterparts. Keep in mind though, that newer is not always better. Classic works on subjects like mathematics, physics, and history are not likely to suffer despite the passage of time.

Searching for Print Books

Classic Library Catalog
Find books, e-books, journals, DVDs and other materials available through the library.

Print books are located on the first floor of the library.

  • Call numbers A-G are on the west side
  • Call numbers H-Z are on the east side

Library Organization

A majority of our resources are organized by the Library of Congress Classification System. Like the Dewey Decimal System, items are arranged by subject, however the format is slightly different.

For more information on the Library of Congress Call Number System, take a look at these sites:

One of the wonderful things about subject-sorted materials is that if you find a resource that suits your purposes, you're likely to find other useful materials nearby. We recommend taking a moment to look at items near the item you were searching for.