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Fresh Check Day: Library Guide

The library isn't just for class work! With over 700,000 eBooks in our online collection, we can also help you read up on topics that matter to you. Consider searching the library's databases and shelves to explore topics related to health and wellness. Or, browse the resources listed here.

eBooks for Fresh Check Day

Relaxation, Meditation, and Mindfulness book cover
What to Do When College Is Not the Best Time of Your Life book cover
Nature Rx : Improving College-Student Mental Health book cover
Self-Care for New and Student Nurses
The Big Picture : A Guide to Finding Your Purpose in Life book cover
How to Be Miserable in Your Twenties : 40 Strategies to Fail at Adulting book cover
Meditation for Aspies book cover
Superhero Therapy book cover
Anxiety Skills Workbook book cover
Life after Self-Harm : A Guide to the Future book cover
The International Handbook of Suicide Prevention book cover
Preventing Suicide : The Solution Focused Approach book cover
The Thought That Counts : A Firsthand Account of One Teenager's Experience with Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder book cover
Life After Loss : The Lessons of Grief book cover
Next to Nothing : A Firsthand Account of One Teenager's Experience with an Eating Disorder book cover
Skinny Boy : A Young Man's Battle and Triumph Over Anorexia

Books on our shelves

Here's a selection of books that can be found on the library's shelves that you may find of interest. (You can see if a book is currently available by searching the library's catalog. Or, visit the library and talk to a librarian!)

Burnout book cover

RA785 .N35 2020

Atomic Habits book cover

Atomic Habits
BF335 .C525 2018

Power of Habit cover

The Power of Habit
BF 355 .D78 2014

Rising Strong book cover

Rising Strong
BF 637 .S4 B8118 2015

The Happiness Project book cover

The Happiness Project
BF575 .H27 R83 2018

Bored and Brilliant book cover

Bored and Brilliant
BF 575 .B67 Z66 2017

Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck book cover

The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck
BJ 1589 .M259 2016

Emotional Wellness book cover

Emotional Wellness
BF 531 .O84 2007

Body Keeps the Score book cover

The Body Keeps The Score
RC552 .P67 V358 2015

The Happiness Advantage book cover

The Happiness Advantage
BF 575 .H27 A27 2010

Beyond Magenta book cover

Beyond Magenta
HQ 77.9 .K85 2015

Smart Student's Guide to Healthy Living book cover

The Smart Student's Guide to Healthy Living
RA 777.3 .S63 2006

You Are A Badass book cover

You Are A Badass
BF632 .S53 2013

Notes on a Nervous Planet book cover

Notes on a Nervous Planet
RA785 .H335 2019

A Toolkit for Modern Life book cover

A Toolkit for Modern Life
BF637 .S4 2020

Self-Care for College Students book cover

Self-Care for College Students
LB2343.3 .D45 2019

What is Fresh Check Day?

"Fresh Check Day® is an uplifting mental health fair that includes peer-run interactive booths, free food, music, and exciting prizes and giveaways."

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