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GS 1002

GS 1002 Library Research

Excellent library research habits can help you not only in your General Studies courses, but in all your courses. Where you look for the materials you use for a paper, a project, or an assignment can make all the difference. Whether or not instructors specifically tell you to use the library, they want you to find the quality information that libraries like ours are dedicated to providing. Your ability to acquire, analyze, and apply the information you're searching for will affect the value and accuracy of your findings and consequently your grade. In your career, particularly as you move up into leadership positions, the ability to locate and deploy crucial information, research and data becomes increasingly important.

GS 1002 Library Resources PowerPoint Presentation on Box

The Library has created a PowerPoint Presentation to demonstrate how to use library resources in GS 1002. The presentation includes audio and video. Visit the link above and download the presentation. Then view the slide show.

This guide includes information and links to many of the resources described in the presentation. Be sure to bookmark it for your future reference needs.