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REU Library Guide: Starting Your Research

This guide will provide you with an introduction to the resources that are available through the library.

Research Strategies


Before conducting any research create a list of potential keywords. Keep track of keywords and terminology that occur regularly and add these to your keywords list.

Here's an example list of keywords that could be used for researching robotics:

robotics machines
technology automation
computers interactive systems
computer networks computer science


The Citation Network

Once you find a resource that will work for your project, you can use the citations to locate additional resources. Use the references to:

  • Find research that was used for the article, paper, or report
  • Locate other research conducted by the author
  • And see where else the resource has been cited

Summon Discovery Service

Summon is a discovery service used to search multiple library resources and databases in a single search. We recommend this resource for starting your academic research projects.

Searching is as easy as
Search: enter your search terms
Refine: use the filters and facets on the left side of your search results.
Get: click on an item to access it