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DVD Guide: Home

Here listed are popular movies and TV shows you can't find on popular stream service, and movies starring some favorite actors!

The Walter Schroeder Library offers more than just books, sources, and a study space. Available to students, faculty, and staff, the library also offers movies that can be checked out for a week's time for free! The library offers different genres of movies such as Comedy, Action, Drama, Horror, and more. Additionally, we offer some popular TV shows. Movies can be checked out for to enjoy with family, friends, or a night in alone. Although many movies are now streaming online, there are some movies that cannot be found. Here are some popular films and TV shows that we offer that cannot be found elsewhere!

Don't have a DVD player? No worries! Check one at at the front desk of the library!

How to Search Our DVDs

Want to check out a movie after a long week of studying, but you don't know what we have? Here's a quick guide to find our DVDs!

1. Visit our Library page at 

2. Scroll down to Library Research and click "Access Library research."

3. Under Library Catalog Search, click "More search options."

4. Looking at the "Content Type" box, scroll down to "DVDS," check the box, and hit "enter."

From there, you will have a list of our entire DVD collection! If you are looking for a specific genre, go back to step four. In the search box, type the genre you are looking for before hitting enter.

Best Picture Awarded Films you can't find on Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime!

Popular movies you can't find on Netflix, Hulu or Amazon Prime!

Popular TV Shows you can't find on Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime!

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